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Comments from event planners/attendees

We’re so grateful for the touched hearts and changed lives as a result of your talks.  The Holy Spirit is truly doing a work through you.  Thank you for being willing to tailor your talks for our ladies as we worked through the planning for our event.

Nancy, Eugene, OR


Thank you for y our willingness to teach us and for being a “real” person with a great sense of humor.  Hannah C.  Portland, OR


Thank you for being you! I appreciate your totally open and candid sharing.  You have been a blessing and we thank the Lord for you and your ministry.  Monica M., Modesto, CA


Thank you for great, solid, Biblical teaching.  God used you greatly.  Sharon B., Idaho


Thanks so much for your thought-provoking, challenging, and yet real presentations. Becky B., Folsom, CA


You were an inspiration to all in our group.  We have new tools and ways to use God’s Word thanks to you.  Elke M., Vacaville, CA


God has answered prayers this weekend.  Thank you for your honesty and sharing God’s truths in love.  You are one truly extra-ordinary woman of God.  Nancy O.  CA


We want to thank you for all the insights God has given you and that you so freely share. Marily S., CA


Thanks so much for your practical application of Biblical principals and for sharing from your heart with us.  I literally hung on every word you said.  What a gifted speaker you are! Everyone enjoyed the conference.  Matti Y., Pine Valley, CA.


You were wonderful!  You are inspiring and motivational and so well grounded in the Word.  You were used by the Lord!  Cheryl M., San Diego, CA.


Thanks for being our wonderful retreat speaker.  We really appreciate how you shared so much of your own life as you learned how to walk more nearly in Christ-likeness.  Debbie W., Dallas, OR