Flopped? Flip Your Focus!

When you flub-up, trip-up, or appear less perfect than you’d like to be, what do you do?

I flubbed up at a writers/speakers conference once. We were asked to give a 20-second introduction to our ministry; the kind we’d say after someone asks what we do. I did not do well! It seemed that everyone else was polished, perfect, and professional. I was unpolished, imperfect, and chatty! Not what we were supposed to be!

So what happened? I spent the rest of the evening and half of the night rehearsing my PUBLIC FLOP, until I sensed the Holy Spirit saying,

 “Poppy, what happened has happened. Focus instead on all the blessings I’ve poured out on you today: making new friends, helpful workshops, great conversations, and being part of a group of committed and capable Christian women whose delight is serving God with the gifts He has given.”

Once I switched my focus and began praising and thanking God for his goodness, I could let the embarrassment go and count it as yet another spiritual growth moment!

Too often, we obsess about what we said or did (or didn’t do), what people might be saying about us, or what our “perfect” mother or friend is silently thinking. What’s the result of constantly rehearsing what happened? Our vision gets blurred and we end up making ourselves feel like complete, miserable failures.

Our self-assessment is often skewed, and sometimes it’s totally wrong. But, even if what we’re telling ourselves is a bit true: are we complete failures because we flub up on occasion?

I don’t think so. More than that, I know so! Here are some reasons why from Psalm 103 why your flub-ups don’t make you a failure:

  • God forgives our sins. Not all flub ups are sins—but we’re forgiven when they are (Psalm 103:3).
  • We’re dust—we’re not perfect, yet He values us, views us with compassion (not criticism), and accepts our humanity (Psalm 103:13-14).
  • His love for those who honor Him from the heart is beyond measure. It is not conditional on human beings being perfect! (Psalm 103:8,11)
  • Praising God is the key that changes our focus. To experience release from the grip of self-obsessed criticism and condemnation, pivot from rehearsing your mistake(s) to yourself or others, and start rehearsing what God has blessed you with (Psalm 103:1-5).

Let’s Talk: Instead of thinking about something that didn’t go as well as you hoped, what blessing can you praise God for today? Will you share it? 

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    6 thoughts on “Flopped? Flip Your Focus!

    1. Needed to hear this today! I’ve lately felt “I can’t do anything right.” I must not let the negative self talk take over and obsess about things…what a downward spiral! Instead, I am reminded to let the Holy Spirit show me what is true, that I am His child — forgiven, loved and cherished. Because of Jesus Christ, I am “good enough.”
      A song just came to mind…”There is a Balm in Gilead, to make the wounded whole.”
      Thank you, Poppy!

      • I love that song–it is so calming, like a balm! You’re so right–don’t let the negative self-talk shame or spiral you down so you feel so far from your Loving Father. I taught a class this morning and discussed how we so easily respond to difficult things with negative self-talk. So glad you’re letting God’s Spirit bring TRUTH to your mind, truth from God’s word. Keep fighting against the lies and embracing the love God has for you. Poppy

    2. Good morning..last night before bed I was distressed because I was thinking of all the dumb and horrible and some unreasonable ways I acted towards my children as they were growing up, and my co-workers, friends, family, all the mistakes I have made thru’ out my life. There were so many things I wish more than anything I could go back and change.

      I was so angry for so many years. I got saved and still was angry and made mistakes.
      IF only I thought…If only I could do it all over.
      But it’s in the past. Why would God bless me and love me anyways I wondered.
      I am confessing it now..I was angry, unreasonable not deserving of any blessings.
      But God decided to bless me anyway.
      After reading your devotion I will begin a new day. Focus not on the past mistakes but on how God has blessed me and focus on that.
      thanks Poppy
      Peggy S.

      • I am so blessed to read your response to my blog. Staying stuck and obsessing about our failures is such a miserable place to be and robs us of the peace God wants us to have. Jesus took all our guilt and failures when He died for us, but it seems to be something we have to learn again and again. So glad the Lord is speaking to you. You are His precious child and He wants to bless and encourage, not condemn you. Keep moving forward–not thinking backward. Love, Poppy

    3. Poppy,
      Thrilled to still be receiving your postings! Always read them more than once and digest them over several days! Enjoy learning new things about myself and growing in faith!

      Thanks, Deborah Uffen Wands

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