Fun, Interactive Seminars

Seminars are suitable for one-day events for women, couples or singles, and community outreach.

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Why Can’t He…

why can't he be more like me marriage husbands wivesDo you find yourself nodding in agreement with the answer to that question? You want your marriage to be happy and honoring to God, but you wonder how when your husband baffles and sometimes irritates you. You may even wonder if you made a terrible mistake.

A fun, informative seminar for women who are married, have been married, or want to be married! Men can also be included for a male/female focus.

Poppy Smith offers you hope in this upbeat, empathetic, and biblically grounded presentation. Based on her book, Why Can’t He Be More Like Me?, this seminar will help attendees better understand areas of conflict in marriage including different backgrounds, expectations, needs, and reactions on a variety of topics from communication styles to finances and sex.

GO For IT!

GO for It! Special event talk from Poppy Smith passion purposeFind your passion and live it! Do you wonder what God created you to do? Want to explore and find direction? Do you have desires and dreams but wonder where to go with them? In these practical, inter-active presentations you’ll be challenged to not only see life as your most precious gift, but also as something God wants you to invest for the sake of His kingdom. With insightful questions and thought-provoking exercises, Poppy will enable you to:

  • Dare to dream about what God has for you no matter your age or stage of life
  • Review your experiences, discover your strengths and sources of fulfillment
  • Explore the options your strengths present in order to identify concrete possibilities
  • Anticipate obstacles, both internal and external, so you can work on solutions
  • Move forward, putting together a plan of action to start living your passion

I’m Too Young…To Be This Old!

i'm too young to be this old menopause aging womenDo You Ever:

  • Look in the mirror and wonder what happened?
  • Feel your children are too old to be yours?
  • Puzzle over why your friends are aging prematurely?
  • Secretly brood about your life, wondering if your best years are over?

…If so, you’re not alone!

Everyday thousands of women experience the same feelings, ask the same questions, and wonder about the same issues. But, hope and help is at hand.

What you Will Discover

  • Three liberating facts about midlife.
  • How to look in the mirror and smile!
  • How to care for aging parents without guilt.
  • Why you need to free yourself from regrets.
  • How to shed the “I Can’t” syndrome and expand your horizons.
  • Insights into who you are, now that you’ve grown up.
  • Steps to discerning God’s unique purpose for you.
  • Eight keys to thriving in the years ahead.

Click Here to check out Poppy’s Book I’m Too Young…To Be This Old!

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