Who Sharpens Your Soul?

I don’t know how stress affects you, but it can make me a bit irritable, intense, and wishing I could stop the world and get off! Do you feel that way sometimes?

Living at a crazy pace, trying to do more than anyone can reasonably accomplish, produces stress. With blog posts to write, talks to prepare, travel plans to finalize, and all the other things we women have to juggle every day, I’ve discovered some stress-busters that work for me.

I’m sure you have favorite activities that help you thrive when you’re stressed, but I’d like to share some of what I find most helpful. Here’s one stress buster I enjoyed this morning:

Meet with a friend you connect with spiritually.

We’re all drawn to friends who make us laugh, or inspire us to try a new trend or to begin yet another exercise routine. However, finding a friend you can enjoy “God-talk” with, who listens attentively and gently raises questions for you to consider, is a gift that comes from God as a result of prayer.

I love the encouragement God gives us to do just this in the ancient book of Malachi:

“Those who feared and loved the Lord spoke often of him to each other. And he had a Book of Remembrance drawn up in which he recorded the names of those who feared him and loved to think about him” – Malachi 3:16

God has wired us to thrive spiritually and emotionally through being in meaningful relationships. In the early church, Christians met regularly, not only for teaching and worship, but also to share their lives and encourage one another (Acts 2:42-44).

Do you have someone you talk with about what God is doing in your life? Someone who loves to think about him? Pray for a special friend like this, reach out, and thrive spiritually this summer.

Let’s Talk: Let me know how God is blessing you through a godly girlfriend. 




Here’s a practical guide to finding and maintaining good friendships: The Art of Authentic Friendship, by Judy Dippel and Debra Alexander

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Beautiful YOU

Here is a response to Poppy’s presentation of her new talk, Beautiful YOU:

“You did a wonderful job sharing your “truth & real life” struggles. Starting at the age of 16 on up into your marriage, parenting and the realities of your earthly tendencies separate from the Lord and then receiving Him. You captivated the room. Everyone was listening. Thank you for connecting with the range of ages we had in attendance.”  Kathy R., Grace Community Church, Auburn WA
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    3 thoughts on “Who Sharpens Your Soul?

    1. That person for me is my cousin Donna, she has taught me that is very important to not look at people with judgement but with love and that is the difference between our relationship with God then with any other religion . This also has taught me to not be so hard on myself, because now I realize God loves me! Some times it is still hard to love some people, but I just put them at the top of my prayer list. God is working at this with me, as he has put a patient in our nursing home who abused me as a child. Now I am responsible for some of her care and I pray daily for the ability to love her.

      • Thanks for your response, Jennifer. Sorry I couldn’t respond sooner. I agree with you, God is working in you and I love your response of praying for this lady daily. The Lord enlarges our soul and deepens Christ-likeness in us when we obey His heart. Blessings, Poppy

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