3 Ways to Say “Thank You!”

“The lips of the righteous nourish many” Prov. 10:21

3 Ways to Say "Thank You!" - PoppySmith.com

Learning how to say “Thank You” in a way that is remembered and treasured takes a little thought. But at this holiday season, think of your thanks as little verbal, or written, gifts especially chosen for a particular person.

Here are three ways to show your thanks to a special someone, whether it’s a spouse, a family member, a friend or a co-worker (adapted from chapter seven: When I Say This, He Hears That).

1. AFFIRMATION: What does ____________  do well? Affirmations acknowledge the effort that a person puts into something and shows that you recognize their good qualities.

Start your affirmation focusing on the action, followed by your feelings. Here are two examples:

  • You did a great job (describe it) and I feel (state your feeling: proud, relieved, …)
  • You are (state quality you are affirming) and I feel (cared for, loved….)

2. APPRECIATION: What does _____________ do that pleases you? Appreciation tells the person that you enjoy something they have done for you.  Be specific

  • “Thank you for caring enough to ____________.  It was very thoughtful of you. I especially appreciate you doing this today when you’re so busy.”
  • Or: “You are so good at remembering details.”

3. ADMIRATION: Do they have a good sense of humor? Are they kind? Is there a character quality you admire, or some spiritual gift that blesses you? Identify it.

  • Even if a person seems uncomfortable, remember that underneath everyone appreciates a sincere compliment.

With Thanksgiving coming up, get busy, my friends! Not just with making pie or stuffing, but also with creating those special, individualized verbal, or written gifts for family and friends.

People long to be loved and to know they matter, so who will you bless with your words of Affirmation, Appreciation, and Admiration?

(My special “Thank You” to Dr. Sandra Bender, author of Recreating Marriage with the Same Old Spousefor these practical ways to build positive relationships.)

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