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Several years ago I was doing a Bible study that posed a question I had never thought of:

“If you could ask God to do anything with your life, what would it be?”

Out of nowhere a thought came that completely shocked me. In fact, I put “Ha, Ha!” after my response. What did I write down?

“Lord, I want to speak for you around the world.”

Poppy Smith, public speakerIt wasn’t, “Lord, I want to be famous, or wealthy, or admired.” I just wanted to share what I knew of the Living God and His Word. But I was still horrified at myself! My immediate thoughts were: What an egotistical thing to think. Where did such a thought come from? And who was I to desire such a thing? Yes, I had taught for several years with Bible Study Fellowship and for retreats and women’s groups in various churches, but what on earth could have prompted this ridiculous “around the world” idea?

Little did I know that God had planted this passion in my heart—because it was His plan! The apostle Paul points to God as the instigator of all our desires to serve Him, declaring

“For God is at work within you, helping you want to obey him, and then helping you do what he wants” (Philippians 2:13, NLB).

Within two years I was asked to teach the spouses’ spiritual growth program at a conference for missionary doctors and dentists, sponsored by the Christian Medical and Dental Association. This conference was held alternate years in Africa and Asia. I did this for seven years. At the same time, I received an invitation to spend six weeks touring Australia as the “International Speaker” for an inter-denominational ministry. Following this were requests to speak at various events in New Zealand, England, and Malaysia.

From that one startling experience with God, I’ve watched with amazement and excitement as He’s opened doors to share His Word in over twenty countries.  Below is a list of where God has taken me, not because I had confidence or ambition, or was famous. But simply because it was His plan.

Looking for a speaker who knows what the expatriate life is like? Please contact me!  🙂

Looking for a speaker who is cross-cultural and comfortable in different places? Get in touch.IMG_0107

Wanting a speaker who relates to audiences of different backgrounds?  I’d love to hear from you.

Blessings on your work for Him across the world,

Poppy Smith


Comments from event planners/attendees

Thanks so much for your encouragement and inspired teaching from the book of Esther.

Rebecca A., Kenya conference


I have learned a great deal through your wise words, but also by your gentle approach.  I appreciate your vulnerability and your willingness to come all this way to minister to us.

Kim O., Senegal, West Africa


Thank you for giving so much of your time and energy to make a difference here for so many women in Singapore.  Nancy O., Singapore