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You’re the first to see the cover of my new “hot off the press” book available in print and as an ebook.  Isn’t it fun?  I think the color pops and the design makes me want to sing!

It should be ready for ordering from Amazon.com and other vendors, as well as from my own store (signed by the author, of course) by October 15. 

As women we share many of the same questions and longings:

  • What has God created me to do?
  • How do I explore and find direction?
  • Where do I go with my desires and dreams?

If you’ve asked yourself, and God, these questions, then this book is for you.

  • You’ll be inspired to D.R.E.A.M., soar, risk, and thrive as you’re challenged by Scripture, true stories, and insightful questions that reveal how God has created you.
  • You’ll discover your unique wiring and the role your strengths, talents, and life-shaping experiences play in God’s design for you.

GO FOR IT! is an easy-to-read, life-changing guide based on Biblical principles.

You can work through this book, by yourself, with a close friend, or with a small group. However you move through it, let me encourage you to stop and think. Don’t race through it. Take time to reflect on what you’re reading and thoughtfully answer the questions sprinkled throughout each chapter. In this way, you’ll create your own life map that incorporates your past, your present, and where God wants to take you in the future.

My friend, speaker and author Becky Harling, blessed me with her comments:

“As soon as I started reading Go For It, I was inspired! If you’re looking to discover your passion and purpose so that you can live life more abundantly – this is your book! In her unique and delightful style, Poppy invites you to live a God-directed, God-empowered, and God-fulfilled life that impacts others!” —Becky Harling, International Speaker, John Maxwell Certified Coach and the author of How to Listen, So People will Talk

  • ISRAEL – Say YES to opportunities when you can!

When the opportunity came our way to go to Israel with a group of Christian medics, we decided to Go for It!  In spite of all our travels serving and speaking in many countries, we had never visited the land of the Bible.

Let me give you just a few highlights from this amazing trip.

Sailing on the Sea of Galilee, we sang Our God is an Awesome God!  Our captain was a Messianic Jew who praised God with us. He has two CD’s with songs in both Hebrew and English—which I love. 🙂

Jordan, Sea of Galilee, Israel, Holy Land

We saw where Gideon selected his men to fight the Midianites. And had a modern-day Gideon share about courage and trusting God as they distribute His Word throughout the world.

We visited the River Jordan where several of our group were baptized or re-committed their lives to Jesus. Two fathers stepped into the waters, one with his recently graduated daughter, and the other with his repentant, young prodigal son. He shared his story which moved all of us to glorify God for his power to change lives.

Jordan River, Sea of Galilee, Israel, Holy Land

Communion in the Garden of the Tomb Whether this was the actual tomb where Jesus was placed, I don’t know. But sharing communion, singing hymns, and expressing our gratitude to the Lord for dying for us made it a memorable experience.

poppy-jordan-3JERUSALEM. Our tour guide (a British/Israeli citizen) truly turned the whole trip into a spiritual encounter with the Lord. He sang, read Scripture, invited people to share, and enlarged not just our knowledge, but our hearts for God and the land of Israel. Coming out of a long tunnel, he led us in singing, Jerusalem, Jerusalem at the top of our lungs, just as we caught our first glimpse of the Holy City. I will never forget it—or seeing the Wailing Wall and the many places in Jerusalem where Jesus walked.Jordan, Sea of Galilee, Israel, Holy Land, Wailing Wall

I hope this brief account of my trip to Israel brings back wonderful memories for those of you who have gone—and for those of you who get opportunity at some point—say YES and see what blessings God has for you.

In case you want to go with your family, your church, or another group, I want to highly recommend our guide and brother, Jeremy Bulow.  You can contact him at: jerrybulow@gmail.com 

Qu: Were you blessed, inspired, or curious about something in this THRIVE?  Get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.






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