Prayer is a battle against distractions!

Laying in my cozy bed early this morning, I thought about Jesus. Mark tells us that after a busy day, Jesus still got up early in the morning to go out and pray in quietness and solitude. Clearly, Jesus thought talking to His Father was a necessity and He placed a high value on it. He made it a priority and found it both His source of strength and a deep well of inner satisfaction. Although there were many distractions, He did not give up or give in to them.

Have you noticed that when you go to pray, distractions come out of nowhere?
Y0u suddenly realize how hungry you are. Or sleepy. Or you need to make a phone call? Or that the plants are crying out, “Water me, water me or I am going to die for good today!”

There are so many ways our Enemy seeks to distract us from praying so let me encourage you to pray wherever you are, whenever anything crops up, good or bad. Keep a notebook by you when you set aside time to pray. Jot down and pray about what seems to impel you to get up and go do whatever entered your head!

Those of us who are easily distracted need all the help we can get. And the Holy Spirit is there to whisper, “Stay in God’s presence. Settle down and listen. He has a word for you if you’ll turn the distractions to prayer.” Let’s do it this week. And let’s ask Him for the self-control we need to resist following whatever idle idea that floats through our minds! Of course, if your house is burning down or your family is in danger, you need to jump to it! God understands!!

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    2 thoughts on “Prayer is a battle against distractions!

    1. great advice. The best that I have read thus far….Good article and what a good sense of humor

    2. Pray that I can be released from the spirit of distraction that seems to boggle my mind every day keeping from focusing on the things of God.

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