Women’s Retreat and Event Topics

Whatever their age or stage of spiritual growth, these presentations give women hope and invite them to grow!

Single-topic presentations are great for special events or choose one to four topics to fit your theme or needs. Each comes with group questions by request. All topics can be adjusted to fit your time requirements.

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THRIVE- No Matter What!

Thrive No Matter What Spiritual GrowthHave you ever asked, “God, where are You? What are You doing? How can I cope?” Like it or not, pits are part of life. But how should we look at them? And where will we get the strength and wisdom we need to cope? Drawing from the life of Joseph, Poppy presents a God who knows who you are, what you’re going through, and how His purposes work together for your ultimate blessing. Through her warm and practical presentations, Poppy equips audiences to thrive spiritually, physically, and emotionally—no matter what! In this faith-strengthening series, you’ll learn:
• Pits are Part of Life—God is with you
• Pits are Learning Places—God is deepening your faith
• Pits are Choosing Places—God is shaping your character
• Pits are Not Permanent—God is preparing you for His new purposes

SIMPLIFY- Make Room for Jesus!

Simplify - Make Room for Jesus! Spiritual GrowthMost Christians want to feel closer to God but struggle with finding the time. Life is like an over-stuffed suitcase packed to the brim with constant activity. But there are answers to our longings for a different pace—answers that take us toward what really matters as women, wives, mothers, and most importantly, followers of Jesus in a crazy, busy world.
In these fun and practical presentations,

Poppy will give you the WHY and the HOW to:

• DeStress Your Life
• DeClutter Your Mind
• Delight Your Soul

“A timely and applicable message to all desiring to simplify their lives. Poppy led us carefully through scriptures and practical applications to intentionally refocus our lives on Christ. Poppy’s personal honesty, keen awareness and focus on spiritual restoration were compelling as she provided a way for us to rethink our choices in life. You will be blessed by Poppy’s witness of her love of Jesus.”

Kris K., Women’s Minister

Lord, Flip My House

Lord Flip My House Spiritual GrowthDo you love watching decorating shows on T.V.? Do you marvel at the changes that can happen in the right hands? Have you ever thought that YOU can experience inner changes when Jesus, the Master Builder, starts remodeling YOUR house?

In this fun, Biblically-based presentation, Poppy gently helps you see what needs removing, restoring, or renovating in your heart, attitudes, words, and self-talk. Using true life illustrations of her own ups and downs, you will laugh, identify, and grow as you discover how Jesus can help you:

      • Flip My Heart
      • Flip My Attitude
      • Flip My Thinking
      • Flip My Words

(Talks drawn from Poppy’s book: I’m Too Human to be Like Jesus.)

“The ladies came back with rave reviews from retreat. Thank you so much. My only complaint was that it wasn’t long enough – I wanted more of you!” 
Sara L., Retreat Coordinator


Climb! Spiritual growthDoes your heart long to climb higher, to grow closer to God? This is His desire for you, too. Sadly, many Christians live in the valleys of life, struggling with habits and thoughts that rob them of experiencing the comfort and joy of God’s presence. In this life-changing seminar, Poppy shares her journey from the valley to finding POWER to climb, encouragement to persevere when the going gets rough, and the vital role others play in our spiritual progress. These presentations will help you:

  • Identify five key stumbling blocks that keep you in the valley
  • Discover the spiritual P.O.W.E.R. every climber needs
  • Develop the ability to persevere and overcome the boulders in your way
  • Embrace the support of others as you climb together

“We would have you back without hesitation! Loved it! Great Speaker with “how to” emphasis. Appreciated the teaching on perseverance.” 

Debi O, Cornerstone Church, MN.

Wisdom for Today’s Woman (Insights from Esther)

Wisdom for Today's Woman Spiritual GrowthToday’s woman can feel overwhelmed with issues—how should she make decisions, deal with loneliness, improve her marriage, handle unexpected and undesired circumstances? Applying insights from the lives of five people in the book of ESTHER, Poppy helps you discover how to:

      • Overcome emotional reactions and make choices you won’t regret
      • Spark up your marriage with four easy actions
      • Discern whose advice helps you grow, and whose advice needs to go
      • Handle loneliness in God-honoring ways that fulfill your human longings
      • Accept and grow in difficult and undesired circumstances
      • Wait God’s timing and follow His leading
      • Watch for and overcome attitudes that spoil your joy

Thank you so much for the wonderful gift of wisdom you shared with the ladies this weekend. I so appreciated how practical your messages were and how beneficial and relevant for women of any age.
Peri L., Women’s Ministry Director.

Speak Wisely, Your Words Have Power!

Speak Wisely Spiritual GrowthWould you sometimes like to cut off your tongue? Wish you could swallow your words? Someone is always listening, whether it’s your child, spouse, friend, relative, co-worker, or yourself! Words have the power to break hearts and relationships, they also have the power to build up, heal, encourage and be used by God to bless others. These empathetic messages spoken from one woman’s heart to another, enable listeners to:

• Analyze what’s behind angry words and how to use ones that build, not destroy

• Get a grip on gossip by understanding what prompts it and what to say instead
• Discover the powerful dynamics of withholding or giving affirming words
• Learn new and upbuilding words that spouses, children, and others long to hear

Click Here to check out Poppy’s Bible Study on Speaking Wisely, suitable for groups.

Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

Change Your Life Spiritual GrowthWhat you think can either spur you on to a more fulfilling life in God’s purposes, or stop you in your tracks. Your automatic thoughts, self-talk, and fears can intimidate, control, and ultimately determine what happens in your life. Poppy’s practical and inspiring messages help audiences:

  • Grow from the inside out, moving from self-imposed fears to God-liberating faith
  • Recognize life-affecting crossroads, weighing carefully their possible outcomes
  • View every situation in life as either God’s growing place or Satan’s gotcha place
  • Overcome worry and fear by strengthening their confidence in God’s care for them

Reaching Higher: Lessons from the Life of Abraham

Reaching Higher Spiritual GrowthHave you ever wondered how to be a successful Christian? After tracing the up’s and downs of Abraham’s relationship with God, you will:

      • Discover the importance, for yourself, of walking in obedience
      • Recognize that knowing and watching your weaknesses helps you grow
      • Identify six common misconceptions about who God is
      • Learn how to wisely handle conflict
      • Develop the ability to wait in faith for God to move in your life
      • Acquire more insight into what matters most to you

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