Keynote Talks

Keynote Talks are perfect for large groups, keynote addresses and corporate events. Each topic can be tailored for your event both in presentation and time.

Contact Poppy for more information on booking her to speak or questions regarding your special event.

Sex, Power and Serving God

Sex Power and Serving God Workplace WomenSex and Power is a dangerous combination tripping up many Christians working in ministry and the marketplace. Offering fresh and much needed insights into this growing problem, Poppy will help you:

  • Recognize that power can be used and abused by both genders
  • Discover hidden ways both genders attract, and what to watch for in yourself
  • Review your own areas of vulnerability
  • Plan your personal course of action based on your deepest values.

Suitable for denominational gatherings, Christian leadership and mission conferences, etc.

Poppy speaks on Sex, Power, and Serving God at the Christian Medical Dental Association.


Sex and Power in the Workplace

This workshop presents the same helpful information in Sex, Power and Serving God but tailored to a secular audience. Ideal for HR presentations.

Why Can’t I Just Say No?

Boundaries Margin Why Cant I say NoHumorous and practical, a talk every woman can relate to!

Ask yourself: Do I run at a dizzying pace? Does my husband or friend sigh when they hear me agreeing to yet another commitment? If you want to put some sanity into your life, schedule Poppy’s fun presentation that will have you identifying, laughing, and learning how to say “no” in order to say “yes” to the life God wants for you.

Who am I, Really?

Who Am I, Really? keynote talk Personality Types Spiritual GrowthDo you sometimes wonder who you really are? Does your personality puzzle you? Relax, laugh, and learn as Poppy helps you:

  • Identify your personality and how others see you
  • Uncover the labels you put on yourself
  • Embrace the loving labels God wants you to wear on your heart and mind

God’s Beautiful W.O.M.A.N

God's Beautiful WOMAN spiritual growthOur culture’s standard of beauty is skinny body, sexy hair, spotless skin, and head-turning good looks. Wonderful as those attributes are, what is God’s idea of a beautiful woman? Could every Christian be a raving beauty in His eyes? YES! In this inspiring presentation, Poppy offers her audience simple steps to becoming God’s beautiful W.O.M.A.N.

Gifts, Gifts, Glorious GIFT!

Gifts, Gifts, Glorious Gift keynote talkWhat has been the best, most exciting gift you’ve ever received? In this fun, talk-around-the table, get to know each other Christmas event, Poppy uses heart-touching and hilarious stories about gifts she has received. Inviting the audience to identify good gifts they have received, this outreach presentation wraps up focusing on the greatest Gift ever offered, the gift of a relationship with the Living God through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Perfect for Christmas events for both men and women.

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