Spiritual Life Coaching

What is Spiritual Direction?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Here’s how I explain what it is I offer as a trained Spiritual Director.  Hope it helps!

Spiritual Direction is an ancient practice of the Christian Church.  As early as the fourth century, Christians sought out holy and wise men and women for advice and insight into their relationship with God.

Today, mspiritual formation coaching poppy smithany busy Christians long for time to sit in God’s presence with a Spiritual Friend who might assist them in their journey.  This Spiritual Friend is also called a Director or Guide among other names.  They do not claim to speak to you in the place of God, nor do they provide psychological counseling.  Their role is to help you, through listening, prayer, and conversation, to identify where the Lord is leading and encourage you to faithfully follow His direction. An example of spiritual direction is given in Scripture when Eli discerned God was speaking to Samuel and encouraged him to respond ( 1 Samuel 3:2-9).

Meeting for spiritual direction provides you with the gift of focused attention, sensitivity and support, as well as total confidentiality.  My desire is to help you talk about your spiritual life, help you notice ways God is moving so you might respond to Him, suggest ways you might grow in your relationship with Him, and love and pray for you.

Please note that I am not a professional counselor.

I hope your experience of spiritual direction will be deeply meaningful and give you help to grow in your relationship with God.

How does spiritual direction help you grow deeper in God?

I look forward to my monthly appointment with my Spiritual Director. It is my time to speak in confidence to someone I know has my best at heart.  She wants to listen, help me process my feelings, sort out my thinking and gain a clearer sense of direction from the Lord. Her sensitive but insightful questions make me not only think, but also articulate what is going on in me. Discussing Scripture and being prayed for are gifts I treasure and benefit from. I treasure her ministry to me and gladly pay for her time.

Here’s another way spiritual formation can help as we go through life:spiritual formation coaching poppy smith

Jan Meyers Proett, a licensed counselor, says:

For me personally, when the spiritual formation movement was just beginning, I was just beginning a relentless string of seasons of loss in my life. Richard Foster’s book, Prayer, was grounding for me, giving me disciplined focus when all I could see was my grief. I held tight to his Prayer of Relinquishment , even as I let go of countless precious people and places. Counseling allowed me to honor my grief; spiritual formation allowed me to trace the movement of God in the midst of my grief.  

Endorsements: “Thank you at our last meeting for your prayer for me, my Mom, and our family and for encouraging me to focus on the Lord and his Word. Such a gift of encouragement.” G.T.

“Thank you for meeting with me today.  I really appreciate your wisdom, thought provoking questions and encouragement.” L.H.


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