Why Can’t He Be More Like Me

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“What do you and your spouse have in common?” “We got married on the same day.”

Many women can identify with that sentiment. They want their marriages to be happy and honoring to God, but they wonder how when their mate baffles and even irritates them so. Some may even wonder if they made a terrible mistake.

Using Scripture, humor, and colorful illustrations from her own struggles, Poppy Smith offers hope in this upbeat, personal, practical, biblically grounded, and empathetic book. Why Can’t He Be More Like Me? will help women analyze areas of marital conflict by reviewing their backgrounds, parenting personalities, expectations, needs, and reactions. Each chapter provides practical tools to help women learn to accept and enjoy their mate, resulting in a strengthened relationship, better communication, and deeper understanding of each other.

With its how-to emphasis, this book is a useful resource for classes, small groups, or seminars for wives and couples.

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A message from Poppy

“I am saddened by the divorce rate among Christians and yet I understand how a marriage can come apart because of differences between each spouse.   My passion is to help women grow spiritually and personally by recognizing their husband isn’t their clone, didn’t come from the same home, probably has a different personality and way of processing information, handling conflict and communicating. I want my book to give hope to women that change is possible when we let God change us.”

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A Blog Review:

“For any woman who is feeling alone in her marriage, Why Can’t He Be More Like Me doesn’t just diagnose your problem; it also offers practical, biblical solutions to grow closer together not only DESPITE your differences, but actually BECAUSE of them.

I appreciate what Poppy has done with this, and I’m sure you will, too!”

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An Amazon Review:

“Relationships of any kind are filled with unique twists and turns. With humor and personal insight combined with biblical teaching, Poppy Smith guides readers to deepen their marriage but also to learn valuable insights about themselves.
As she writes in the opening pages of WHY CAN’T HE BE MORE LIKE ME?, ‘Yes, this is a book about marriage. But not the fairy-tale version when we dream of a man with movie-star looks, meet and date this model of perfection, quickly tie the knot surrounded by family and friends who adore him, and live happily ever after in wedded bliss…Instead, this book takes an honest look at the unexpected struggles, disappointments, and choices we wrestle with when our dreams sizzle or shatter into pieces. Its purpose is to encourage you to give your broken dreams to God, discovering how He can use them in ways you never imagined to produce personal and spiritual growth.’ (Page 11)
Whether you get this well-crafted book for yourself or as a gift, the engaging pages will help every reader to have a deeper relationship with their spouse. I highly recommend WHY CAN’T HE BE MORE LIKE ME?”