I know God’s Word changes women. It changed me—and I’ve seen its powerful effect on many others. My talks and books address real-life issues with honesty, humor, and powerful, hope-giving stories. They also have a purpose: that women hear God speak to them, respond, and experience freedom from attitudes, thoughts, and actions that have robbed them of faith and joy.

Please come in and enjoy looking through my online house!  Let me know if you see something you like and feel free to contact me with your needs, questions, and comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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Pits are Choosing Places

Pits are no fun! They are hard places to be in. They affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We don’t get to choose our pits—but we do get to choose our reaction to them. Working recently on my new retreat series on the life of Joseph, I imagined his cries of bewilderment and fear—the shock […]
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4 Tips for Life's PITS

Genesis 37-50 describes the story of Joseph who found himself hated by his brothers, thrown into a pit, and sold into slavery. His life went in the opposite direction of what he expected—but he learned to see God’s presence and experience His care. What’s your story? Are you in a pit? Here are 4 tips for […]
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Thrive - No Matter What!

Thrive. Make progress. Expand your life. Overcome the negatives. Flourish. Develop as a follower of Jesus. Are you thriving—no matter what is going on in your life? Take another look at what it means to thrive. Do you recognize yourself? When life is tough, it’s hard to believe we can thrive regardless of our circumstances. […]
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7 Stages of Abuse

When Dan slapped Wendy for the first time, both of them were shocked. But after it happened repeatedly, Wendy saw that there is a typical pattern that leads to acts of violence. Because women are usually the victims, I’ll refer to the abuser as male. Here’s a brief description of what is known as the […]
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Research about Domestic Violence

Domestic violence shouldn’t ever happen to anyone, but it does. It is never a pleasant subject, and the best solution is to prevent violence before it starts. For more information on news and research about coping with abuse and violence, symptoms, prevention and screening, law and policy, and statistics, check out the National Institute of […]
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