I know God’s Word changes women. It changed me—and I’ve seen its powerful effect on many others. My talks and books address real-life issues with honesty, humor, and powerful, hope-giving stories. They also have a purpose: that women hear God speak to them, respond, and experience freedom from attitudes, thoughts, and actions that have robbed them of faith and joy.

Please come in and enjoy looking through my online house!  Let me know if you see something you like and feel free to contact me with your needs, questions, and comments.  I look forward to hearing from you.

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8 Sneaky Lies You Might Believe!

We live in a culture that’s hard to resist—who doesn’t want to have more, whether for ourselves or for our families? Who doesn’t struggle with a sense of significance—especially if we aren’t super-moms or highly successful women juggling a ridiculous number of stressful responsibilities and activities? God has a lot to say about how we […]
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3 Keys to Conquering Regrets

After a bitter divorce, my friend, Pam, whispered, “If only I had understood how to make a relationship work. Maybe my family would still be together.” Guilt gripped Nancy when she thought of her grandmother. “If only I hadn’t neglected her when she was old and lonely,” she confided. Most of us have regrets because […]
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Does Holiness Really Matter? {Guest Post}

A note from Poppy: My friend, speaker and author, Kathy Howard, has written a challenging article on “Fifty Shades of Gray”. Is “women’s porn” harmless, or is the Holy Spirit calling us to deny our curiosity and seek a pure mind? Here’s what Kathy has to say: Two years ago, the novel “Fifty Shades of […]
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Trusting His Wisdom in Plan B {Thrive This Summer}

I recently returned from a very special holiday in France that included history, beauty, flower baskets, pastries, and lots of stinky cheese. Yummy! Unfortunately, this once in a lifetime vacation ended in shock! Two hours before take-off I was waiting for the hotel shuttle bus to the airport and discovered that my carry-on bag and smaller handbag […]
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Recognize Your Blessings {Thrive This Summer}

I’ll be back in Kuming, China when you read this! I’m going to be in a hotel, shown around, fed delicious food, and most important, have an opportunity to speak about God to both believers and seekers. But today, my mind is on those who move from the comfort of home—not to the comfort of a […]
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