Women around the world face circumstances that produce discouragement …

and cause them to cry out to God for help. I’ve ministered in over 20 countries and seen struggling women find hope and strength to persevere in their faith as they draw nearer to Christ.

God’s Word is alive and active and is healing women …

spiritually, emotionally, and personally on every continent. My passion is that women experience God’s acceptance in spite of their failures, and embrace His power to change their lives.

Let me encourage you to Start Here.

I’ve written several books and count many Christian authors and speakers as friends. One is a fellow Brit whose endorsement I treasure:

Poppy’s faith in God’s Word has not wavered: She feeds you His truth and enables you to hear God’s voice of encouragement, and direction. More and more people ask me “How can I hear God’s voice for myself?” There is a yearning to connect with the Living God and go deeper than we ever have before. Poppy’s ministry helps us to do just that.
Jill Briscoe – Author & Speaker, Executive Editor of Just Between Us

I’ve also been blessed to interact with women in various denominations and countries.

It was wonderful having you share with us—insightful, perceptive, organized, meaningful and part of you . . . This is the first time in a long time that I’ve felt inspired . . . Thank you for your thought-provoking words. I’ve been recharged to continue the climb.
Presbyterian mission group
 – Khatmandu, Nepal

I recently traveled to a Muslim country in the Middle East, and praise the Lord for allowing me the privilege to serve there. Names and countries have been omitted for safety reasons.

In my 10 years in …….  I have been praying for such a woman to come and just minister to us. All day we are ministering to others, we need someone just for us. I appreciate you and your ministry and hope our paths will cross again in the future.

You have blessed us. I love how you speak deep truth through life stories and everyday words.

Your teaching is balm to my soul. Thank you so much.

I enjoy speaking to women’s groups of all ages, denominations, and nationalities. To discuss speaking topics, Contact Me.



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