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With her fun personality and passion for communicating life-changing truths, Poppy Smith inspires audiences to thrive in every kind of situation—whether pleasant or painful. She has spoken across the United States and in over 20 countries including Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and Africa and Asia. Her passion is stirring up women at conferences, retreats and special events to live vibrant, God-centered lives whatever their location or stage of life.

Poppy is a former BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP TEACHER, has a MASTERS IN SPIRITUAL FORMATION AND DIRECTION, and is an award-winning multi-published author. Drawing from her own powerfully honest story, Poppy demonstrates that God’s Word and Spirit can change lives. Using Scripture, humor, and colorful illustrations from her own struggles to be more like Jesus, she addresses topics that help believers of all ages and cultures live spiritually successful and fulfilling lives. Poppy has a passion for hurting women and thrives on helping them discern what they can do to help themselves out of stressful life situations and to use their lives for the Lord.

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Poppy’s personal journey

To help you know more about how I became a speaker and author, here are some personal tidbits:


I was born in England and grew up there as well as in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and Kenya. My father was in the Royal Air Force and my parents loved living in other cultures so we moved every few years back and forth from England.  Now I see how God planted a love of other cultures deep within my heart—and gave me insight into the issues all women struggle with. I became a Christian at 17, when I heard the Gospel for the first time. Shortly after that, I moved to Kenya and lived there for five years.


I met and married my American husband, Jim, in Kenya at the small English church I attended. He was a doctor with the Peace Corp. Six weeks after we married, I arrived in America as a 22 year old immigrant. Jim was the only person I knew in the whole country! It was rough. I was desperately lonely, became very angry and questioned what I had done and where God was. I wanted to run, but God kept me in my marriage

After hitting rock-bottom I cried out to God to change me, to take away my anger and despair. Over time He taught me much about His deepening purposes in painful experiences. God enabled me to replace anger with acceptance and took me from fighting Him to seeking Him.


Following 12 years of serious study of the Scriptures in Bible Study Fellowship, including 7 years as the Teaching Leader, I’ve continued to marvel at the life-changing power of God’s Word applied by the Holy Spirit. He has changed me—and I’m thrilled at every chance I get to point to His power in human lives that are surrendered to Him.

I’ve been blessed to lead many spiritual growth programs around the world for missionary/global workers as well as nationals and expatriates. Speaking at conferences and retreats in the USA is part of my life. I’ve also been a volunteer in a Domestic Violence Shelter and found the training of great help as I speak on Toxic Relationships in the Christian home at various events. In addition to a short time as a Hospital Chaplain, being a women’s ministry director also equipped me for the work God has blessed me with. I love what God gives me to do, and I hope our paths and lives cross in serving Him.



“I am not one of those women who always longed to write. In fact, it never occurred to me until three writers who heard me teaching asked why I didn’t write what I was presenting. As a former Bible Study Fellowship Lecturer, teaching is my love. It was only when a pastor said, “What you write will reach far more people than speaking,” that I began to weigh it seriously.

I was a complete unknown with no writing experience, but my book, ‘I’m Too Young to be This Old: Surviving and Thriving in the Muddled, Middle Years’ was published by Bethany House. It sold almost 150,000 copies, and was republished by Harvest House. Because of the early sales figures, Bethany House gave me contracts for two more books. After I finished my third book, however, I vowed never to write again! And I didn’t write again for ten years.

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