Only after years of speaking and some prodding from other writers and a pastor, did Poppy ever consider writing. Her first book, I’m Too Young to be This Old: Surviving and Thriving in the Muddled, Middle Yearswas a success and she was asked by her to write two more.

After completing her third book, Poppy vowed to never write again and took a ten year hiatus. In those 10 years, Poppy went to seminary and graduated with a Masters in Spiritual Formation and Direction. Through her experiences  in seminary, she was able to heal from some deep wounds she had uncovered in the writing of her third book. She jumped back into writing with both feet and published Why Can’t He Be More Like Me. Her most recent book, Go For It!, released October 2016.

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Poppy’s Books

make your life count for GodGo For It!

GO FOR IT! reminds readers that God has a plan and purpose for their lives. With interactive questions, and space to write, readers will embark on a journey toward self-reflection. When they are finished, they will have answered the questions every person desperately wants to know: Who am I? Who is God? and How Does He want to use me?”

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why can't he be more like me marriage husbands wives relationshipsWhy Can’t He Be More Like Me?

Using Scripture, humor, and colorful illustrations from her own struggles, Poppy Smith offers hope in this upbeat, personal, practical, biblically grounded, and empathetic book. Why Can’t He Be More Like Me? will help women analyze areas of marital conflict by reviewing their backgrounds, parenting personalities, expectations, needs, and reactions. Each chapter provides practical tools to help women learn to accept and enjoy their mate, resulting in a strengthened relationship, better communication, and deeper understanding of each other.

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reaching higher transformation spiritual growthReaching Higher

Take your hands off your life and let God direct your path! Do you long for more reality in your relationship with God? Do you wish you could see measurable spiritual growth? In ten dynamic chapters Poppy Smith teaches you how to reach higher, stretch your faith, handle tough situations, and live with a life-long purpose.

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I'm Too Human to Be Like Jesus spiritual growthI’m Too Human to Be Like Jesus

I’m Too Human to Be Like Jesus provides more than inspiration. It gives you practical ways to become the woman you long to be. With thought provoking questions throughout each chapter and discussion questions at the end, this book is ideal for group discussion or individual study.I’m Too Human…

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I'm Too Young to Be This Old Poppy Smith women menopause agingI’m Too Young…

Poppy Smith looks at the lighter side of mid-life–like a love for any kind of clothing with an elastic waistband and a firm belief in makeup that promises miracles; and at deeper issues of the heart, the fright of erratic emotions and the disappointment of wondering if the best of life is over; and at outward issues of life.

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Study Guides

speaking wisely discernment words spiritual growthSpeaking Wisely: Exploring the Power of Words

You’ll explore what the Bible has to say about the power of words, finding helpful guidelines for using your words to encourage others, express love, and most important, praise God.

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wisdom esther spiritual growthWisdom for Today’s Woman- Esther

As you study the dramatic life of Queen Esther you’ll learn vital lessons about choices, personal trials, pride, faith, and control. More than that, you’ll discover the essential, foundational truths upon which a wise woman builds her life and faith.

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